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Small Groups

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Sam Morgenstern Jackson Poepping.png

Sam Morgenstern
Jackson Poepping

Monday 7:00pm
Rm 110 | East Snarr Hall

Ole Sandry Jacob Zacha.png

Ole Sandry
Jacob Zacha

Tuesday 7:00pm
Rm 372 | South Snarr Hall

MSUM: Leadership
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Sam Haverinen Grace Schoeneck.png

Sam Haverinen 
Grace Schoeneck

Monday 7:00pm
Rm 1167 | Nelson Hall

Haley Ehlers Autumn Grosz.png

Haley Ehlers
Autumn Grosz

Monday 7:30pm
Rm 112 | Dahl Hall

Emily Gislrud Mckenzie Roy.png

Emily Gilsrud
Mckenzie Roy

Tuesday 7:30pm

Get Directions!
Kaitlin Boehme Sarah Kinzle.png

Kaitlin Boehme
Sarah Kinzle

Wednesday 7:30pm

Get Directions!
MSUM: Leadership
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