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January 13th-16th, 2023

We are back at Lake Geneva for another amazing weekend packed with challenging teaching, engaging stories, and powerful testimonies!


What's Included?

For the $180 registration fee you get:

• A three night stay at Lake Geneva Christian Center with your best friends!

• Four amazing Brad Lewis approved meals!

• Inspired teaching from pastors and leaders from around the world!

• Activities like: table games, broomball, volleyball, basketball, and a climbing wall

• An refreshing to start your semester!

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What happens at SALT?


Experience God!

SALT is a weekend designed to help you connect with God and grow deeper friendships. We get away from the hustle and bustle to listen to God’s invitation to deeper relationship with him. We do this by engaging in powerful times of worship, partaking in practical teaching, and encountering the presence of the Holy Spirit.


Hear From Speakers!

Every year at SALT, we get to hear from some of the best speakers in the country! This year we have some incredible people sharing with us:

  • Joe Gordon - Joe, along with his wife and 3 sons, have lived and served among the unreached of Asia for over 25 years. They began their ministry planting churches in the Southeast part of Asia. After twelve years they committed the work into the hands of faithful Indian workers and felt called to move to Southeast Asia. There they continued the ministry of reaching the unreached. After 6 years, they returned to lead the ministry of Live Dead which is committed to making disciples among the unreached of Southeast Asia. There are now 10 Live Dead Teams working among UPG’s in Southeast Asia.

  • Stephen Glasser - Stephen is an NDSU alumni and spent 6 years serving on staff at NDSU Chi Alpha. He then transitioned to be the Director of Operations & Events for Carson Wentz's AO1 Foundation which is a ministry that was launched in 2017 with the mission of “Uplifting individuals and communities around the world by demonstrating God’s love for His people.” Stephen is currently an associate pastor at Northview Church in Fargo, ND and has launched a podcast that is all about having conversation about things that really matter to young adults.

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Breakout Sessions!

We get to have some more personal time with the speakers and teachers who are experts in their field. Don't forget your notebook because you will want to take notes! Here are just a few of the amazing breakouts available!

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ with Dan DeLaForest - This breakout seeks to hear afresh the message of Jesus: God’s loving reign has come powerfully into our world, flipping human power and evil on its head.  We will explore how we can align our hearts and lives with God, allowing his redemption to overflow into the hurting world around us.

  • What We Can Learn From The Global Church with Jeremy Collier - Sometimes our understanding of Christianity is limited to what we know and have experienced. But there is a richness and enormity of what God is doing in and through the Global Church that can grow our understanding of the Kingdom of God. This session will be a conversation about what we are learning from Global Church, and how it can impact our individual lives as well as the impact that we can have as a group on our campus. (Will include an extensive Q&A time.)

  • Your personal Logos with Chris Cortte - This breakout will help you identify the words you speak over yourself and align them with what the true Logos, Jesus, has to say about you. The goal is to give you tools from my own personal journey that have helped me redefine the personal Logos in my own life. Understanding this in your life now will help you navigate your relationship with God and others going forward.

  • Jesus and Suicide: Having an Honest Conversation with Ryan Kockelman - Description: Suicide is something that affects all of us either directly or indirectly, and yet we have immense difficulty even talking about it. However, if we want to engage with the story of the Bible, we need to be able to discuss suicide. Many of us have heard teachings about suicide from the Bible that may have been unhelpful at best, and flat out wrong at worst. How do we bring the message of hope to those around us who don't want to live anymore? Let's take a deep breath, be brave, and have an honest conversation about suicide.

  • Luke 10: A Missional Approach to Evangelism with John Konkel - Many books about how to do evangelism have been written, but did we already receive a blueprint from Jesus? During this breakout, we will look, verse by verse through Luke 10:1-12 to unlock the truths about, what I believe, are the keys to a real (campus) awakening!

  • Understanding the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with Brad Lewis - This breakout will clarify the difference between the coming of the Holy Spirit to live inside us at salvation and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit where the Holy Spirit’s power is released through us. We will also study the differences between private and public use of speaking in tongues.

*Breakouts are Subject to Change​