We will keep this page updated as we find homes for all of our small groups!

Are you interested in hosting a small group in your dorm room or apartment?



Josh Brose and Gabe Beaver

Seim Hall 804 @ 7pm

Nathan Seefeldt, Daniel Anderson, and Corban Herman

Sevrinson Hall 807 @ 7pm

Michaeld Dusek, Phillip Steffan, and Jacob Thompson

Niskanen Expansion #1 @ 7pm

Jacob Cox, Cameron Sorrells and Conner Ehlers

Matthew Living Learning Center West Room 320 @ 7pm

Adam Heyer and Ronnie Herrera

Niskanen @ 730pm


Hunter Klaes and Brennen Bedow

Cater Hall @ 530pm


Bryce Bakkegard and Michael Ueland

Eastbridge Apartments @ 630pm

Aaron Dwyer and Michael Bennett

MLLC West 120 @ 8pm


Dan Thompson and Grant Engeman

Reed Hall 176 @6pm

Kirk Staiger and Olson Langness

Reed Hall 228 @7pm

Chandler Dick and David Mars

Thompson Hall 605AB @ 7pm

Gabe Lothspeich and Tyler Grose

Cater 614B @ 7pm

Levi How and Fred Stinar

Churchill Hall 214 @ 7pm

Brady Kuta and Andrew Elliott

1701 Apts Room 413 @ 7pm

Ryan Blotsky and Max Gleason

Johnson Hall 156 @ 7pm

Matt Miranda, Hunter Georges and Chris Utt

1701 Apartments, Apt 409 @ 8pm



Kaitlyn Peterson, Alisha Hecker and Alisha Ophoven

Dinana Hall 219 @ 5pm


Miquela Scott, Lydia Peck and Brooke Wirrenga

Dinan Hall 110 @ 615pm

Kait Ellingson and Makinzie Callaway

North Weible Hall 103 @ 630pm

Rachel SorrelsVeronica Kingston, and Arianna Charon

Sevrinson Hall 308 @ 630pm

Amelia Anderson and Anna Olson

Cater Hall 518B @7pm

Gabriella Toquam and Maddie Woodle

1630 Dakota Drive Apt 201 @ 7pm

Greta Bleeker and Hannah Ristad

Niskanen 1 303 @ 7pm

Holly Loch and Jennifer Melom

1126 College St. N @ 7pm


Britta Hanson,Leah Rietveld,Ella Dostal and Madeline Wulff

Seim Hall 503 @ 5pm


Moorea Kennelly and Anna Johnson

Sevrinson Hall 308 @ 630pm

Sara Nelson and Ruth Johnson

Dinan Hall 115 @ 7pm

Abby Schoeneck and Alli Pieper

Seim Hall 808 @ 7pm

Margrit Johannesson and Elaine Smith

Niskanen Expansion Building 1 @ 7pm

Daria McMilan, Amanda Carlson and Krysten Bratlie

1027 16th St. N Apt. 2 @ 7:30pm

Erika Feigum and Kaitlyn Thompson

1005 35th St. N Apt. 216 @ 8pm



Sara Hanson, Greta VogelerKarlie Hoehn and Katelyn Blotsky

Burgum 204 @ 6:30 pm


Fargo-Moorhead Chi Alpha - Thursdays -

NDSU: 7:00pm or 8:30pm - Century Theater (Memorial Union)

MSUM: 8:00pm - King Hall Auditorium 110