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Chi Alpha Mission Trips

As the Father sent me, so I am sending you.

John 20:21

At Chi Alpha, we are people who focus outwardly. We live this out by going on and supporting mission trips.

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Why Mission Trips?

We want to see every student experience a cross-cultural mission trip during their four-year collegiate career!

There is a world outside of our campus and we are called to represent God to it. Mission trips give us opportunities to experience new cultures and get fresh perspectives of how we can share the love of Jesus for the rest of our lives with everyone we meet.

Please pray for our missions teams as we send them out to partner with God in bringing the Kingdom of God here on earth.

If you are unable to partake in a mission trip, consider partnering financially with a team member!

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Mission Trips


Mission Trips: Leadership
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Ft. Yates - NDSU

North Dakota | Spring Break 2024

This spring break trip makes an impact by serving the churches and children in the Fort Yates + Selfridge communities. We work on a variety of projects around the churches and put on a VBS for the kids in the community.


Omaha - VCSU & NDSU

Nebraska | Spring Break 2024

This year we are launching a new mission trip to Omaha, NE to serve with Chi Alpha at University Nebraska Omaha! Our main focuses will be serving UNO Chi Alpha and the city of Omaha. We will do this through forming local church and nonprofit partnerships, aiding with on campus evangelism efforts, and serving the greater Omaha area through local initiatives.


Tampa - MSUM

Florida | Spring Break 2024

This spring break trip focuses on serving the churches and homeless population in Tampa. We help with projects + food distribution at a food bank and help with a variety of projects at local churches.


Camp Hope - NDSU

Alaska | Summer 2024

The purpose of this summer trip is serving the youth of remote Alaska. We serve as camp counselors at a faith-based summer camp for kids from remote villages in Alaska.

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